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Sharza Darwaza , Bidar, Karnataka

Sharza Darwaza

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They are massively built and beautifully decorated with huge domes, arches and paintings. The Gumbaz Darwaza, is an enormous, awe inspiring structure. The thickness of its wall is 22 feet, the height is 45 feet besides the dome. A wide passage links it to sharza Darwaza. Between these two gateways, about three thousand army men could take position for the defence of the fort.

With Number of Big Bastins, Large guns number of Magazines for arms storage, tunnels for escape in emergencies, Bidar fort has got many interesting features.

The palace complex and city area had good water supply system with well laid pipeline and distribution network. The planning of Bidar city became model to emulate by subsequent rulers elsewhere. Experts find lot of Bidar influence in planning and designing of old cities like Golkonda, Bijapur, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

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