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Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple

This is an old Hindu cave temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha. It is excavated in a tunnel, A legend says that Vishnu after Killing Hiranyakashyap, slew another giant named Jharasura. While breathing his last, Jharasura beseeched Vishnu to reside in the cave in which he was living and to grant boons to devotees. Granting last wish of his, Narasimha came to live in the cave. There is a roughly carved image of Narasimha on a stone wall at the end of the cave. For seeing the deity, the visitor has to wade through a canal of 91 meter. The flow of water in the channel is continuous. The depth of the water in the channel is generally 1.37 meters. A good number of devotees visit this temple.

Papnash Kshetra is another sacred place of Bidar city. The Shivaling hear is worshiped with much devotion. The place is surrounded by picturesque valley.

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