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Bidri Ware, Bidar,Karnataka

Bidri Ware

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The Bidri ware forms the integral part of Bidar Heritage. "Bidri Ware" is a special style of work called "Damascending"in Silver. This art was developed after being introduced by one Abdulla-Bin-Kaizer from Iran around 1422 A.D. The contrast between the black oxidized background and the lustrous silver in lay gives beauty to the Bidri ware. The craftsmen follow both traditional and modern designs. Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper are used for as base material for preparing the articles.
The Bidri articles traditionally used by nobility were water jugs, wash basins, hookahs, candle sticks, cosmetic Boxes, dishes, flower vases. Nowadays as many as 175 types of articles are being manufactured. Among the traditional designs traced on Bidri articles the "Poppy Flower" the "Persian Rose" and the "Phool Jari" are the most popular. In order to suit the modern taste new designs are also being introduced by the artists. Bidri wares standout as a unique work of art bringing name and fame to Bidar.

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