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Bahamani Tombs

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The Bahamani Sultans were fond of constructing huge sepulchers. Several majestic Mausoleums of their period are at Ashtoor, 4 Kms. East of Bidar. Visit to Bidar is incomplete without visit to Ashtoor.

In all there are 12 tombs at a place in row which together give a very impressive look. They are huge structures with beautiful arches, niches and lofty domes. The tomb of Ahamad Shah-al-Wali is known for its walls on which verses are written in gold color with a dark background. The interior is decorated with fine paintings. It is interesting to note that the swastika symbol has been used in this mausoleum for ornamentation. The paintings here depict lovely contrasts and skill of artist in blending colors. Urus (Jatra) is held here every year in which both Hindus and Muslims participate.

The tomb of Sultan Allauddin-Shah II consists of tile panels and carvings on the black stone margins of arches which are very impressive. Other tombs here are built up of trap masonry. The arches in tombs are elegantly decorated with stucco work.

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